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About Us

About HarvardXPLUS

HarvardXPLUS is online learning reimagined - with you in mind. As an early pioneer of high-quality online education, we’ve set out to evolve learning and to create a more impactful and engaging online experience. One that leverages the immersive content of HarvardX courses, and also features a high-touch experience with your peers and with Harvard faculty and HarvardX teaching assistants.

High expectations and academic rigor remain key elements of the HarvardXPLUS experience. With smaller cohorts than traditional MOOCs, these limited enrollment courses will offer you a chance for a deeper connection and more peer-to-peer networking with your fellow learners.

The HarvardXPLUS credential you earn upon completion will describe in detail the skills, experience and knowledge you’ve acquired. This credential will serve as a guidepost for prospective employers who are interested in well-rounded lifelong learners with specific skill sets.

Most importantly, you will enjoy embarking on a new online learning adventure with an elite institution. Welcome to HarvardXPLUS!

Mission Statement

"With HarvardXPLUS, you have the opportunity to experience exclusive content just for you and participate in a highly engaged community of learners who share the same goals."

Robert Lue
Faculty Director, HarvardX